About Us

We are one of the global sellers of a wide variety of flavourful teas, deliciously unique gourmet salts, exotic spices, and aromatic essential oils. We understand our customers’ qualitative and quantitative needs, and thus all products are handpicked and curated from authentic sources of exotic flora. Our collection is uniquely sourced; it is 100% organic and offers holistic health and well-being.

Sustainably Grown

Our botanicals, herbs, and spices are grown naturally with no added preservatives.

Unique Packaging

Our products are put in paperboard boxes to lock the freshness and aroma inside the package.

Strict Quality Checks

All our products undergo multiple quality checks to ensure that they are 100% safe to consume.

Freshly Delivered

We ensure that the products are delivered straight from tea gardens and farms to retain their purity.


Blissful Essential Oils With An Unmatched Quality

Talavar introduces a collection of essential oils that will soothe your nerve and help you to relax and balance your mind, body, and soul. Our assorted range of pure essential oils is used for medical, aromatic, and food flavoring purposes. These oils are botanical extracts from various exotic flowers, herbs, roots, and leaves and are known for their excellent features. Our expert team carefully extracts these therapeutical oils to keep their essence and purity intact.

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